• Torino was the first Italian capital in 1861.
  • Piedmont region and Torino have been the seat of the Savoy Kingdom. The artistic, architectural and cultural heritage is represented by the Savoy Residences which have been registered in the World Heritage List since 1997.
  • The Piedmont’s Sites registered in the World Heritage of Humanity List are four. Since 22 June 2014, also the Vineyard landscape of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato take part to this list.
  • The Egyptian Museum of Turin is one of the most important in the world.


  • Piedmont is the Italian region with the highest number of DOCG wines (17) including Barolo and Barbaresco.
  • The Slow Food Association was born and has its headquarter in Piedmont. His most important events, Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre, takes place in Torino.
  • The University of Gastronomical Sciences is situated in Piedmont (Pollenzo – Cuneo).
  • In Piedmont are recognized 12 PDO (Protected Denomination Origin) products (9 of these are cheeses), and 5, among which the Piedmont’s hazelnut, IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) products.
  • Many food brands – like Nutella, Ferrero, Kinder, Martini, Lavazza, Eataly, Grom – and food products – like vermouth, the white truffle of Alba, Barolo and Barbaresco, gorgonzola – known and famous all over the world are originally from Piedmont.


The Jo-In Tour Operator Incoming activities are developed and implemented by a team of 30-year-old professionals who turned their vocation into a job.

Alessandro Cesca is a sommelier, with a passion for wine and food, profoundly linked to Piedmont and a connoisseur of the local produce and excellence. Elisa Papa is an unusual Tour Leader specialized in the many secrets, historical anecdotes and curiosities of Turin. Matteo Fornaca, experienced traveler, is the brains behind the Jo-In project.

“We would like you to understand who we are through the story of our friendship, as Jo-In is basically fundamentally a group of friends working together. We would like you to see the many notes our endless list of notes and options which are the source of our ideas for the tours we organize. But mainly we would like you to be our travel companion, to share our curiosity and make available to you our knowledge of the cultural heritage we have learnt grown to appreciate, for pleasure first first from our personal interest, and later as professionals. Jo-In is a reliable and imaginative Tour Operator. Jo-In is the result of our skills, our professional experience, and but mainly of what we believe in”.

Jo-In Tour Operator Incoming is a branch of S.T.I. Soluzioni Turistiche Integrate, an Italian startup established in 2013 by a group of young professionals with a wide experience in the fields of tourism, communication, organization of events, cooperation, software and applications.

Recently graduated as Sommelier, he is local to the area and the youngest member of Jo-In and local jo-in. Food and wine lover, he is the best to ask where to go for dinner you would ask him where to go for dinner. Beware: in the office, of ce he usually hides the best wine bottles bottles of wine!

Turin is her reign. She knows every little corner of the Piedmont capital, and she tells shares its secrets to with lucky travellers. Milestone The spearhead. Beware: technology is her enemy.

The brains behind of Jo-In. Polyglot and enterprising, he’s the Piedmont’s best sponsor despite the remote origins. Beware: he’s more than talkative.

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