Piedmont to be discovered


The less renowned corners of South Piedmont: the Monregalese mountains, the Sanctuary of Vicoforte, the Spinning Factory in Caraglio and much more. Up close encounters with chocolate and Castelmagno cheese.


Tour Lower Piedmont


Day 1

Arrival to Vicoforte, Mondovì (from Turin or Milan airports) and accommodation.

Make your Castelmagno – The first stop off of this itinerary will be in Pradleves, a village in the Alps surrounding Cuneo, where the Castelmagno is produced, a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) cheese, considered rare and precious. The Castelmagno PDO is produced only in the dairies of Valle Grana, and the secret traditional recipe is guarded by their owners. As an exception, you will be among the few to witness the production stages of cheesemaking.

Unusual dinners – On the mountains and in the forest, completely isolated and absolutely unusual, there is a restaurant of a bygone age offering a traditional menu with scrupulous attention to details: your expectations will not go unfulfilled.

Day 2

The spinning factory at Caraglio – Considered the most ancient silk factory still existing in Europe, the Rosso spinning factory at Caraglio was a reference for the production of silk in Piedmont in the XVII century. After having long been neglected, it has recently been refurbished to become the Museum of Silk Manufacturing in Piedmont, and a temporary location for several art exhibitions. Other than recovering its status of cultural heritage, this premises will be an important reference for the economic history of the territory.

The Sanctuary of Vicoforte – While following the uphill climbing valleys of Monregalese, on the hills and mountains that separate lower Piedmont and Liguria, a visit to the Sanctuary “Regina Montis Regalis” of Vicoforte is well worth being paid. The itinerary from the Cathedral to the Monastery, not only showing the spiritual imprint characterizing the territory, will also be an amazing experience to the discovery of history and cultural heritage. Before visiting the building, lunch will be served in the ancient refectory, to introduce you to the mystic atmosphere of the Sanctuary.
100% Chocolate – At just a short walking distance away from the religious complex of Vicoforte, a craftsman has invented an original way to advertise his products. Above the workshop, he has opened a place where chocolate is the main and only protagonist: an ideal location to stop for a class about making confectionery.

Day 3

101% Chocolate – To enjoy all the activities associated with chocolate, we will leave you some more time in this itinerary. As an alternative you may visit Mondovì, the capital of Monregalese a few km from Vicoforte.

€ 399 pp

in groups of 4 people


  • Guided tour of a Dairy.
  • 1st day dinner of the, 2nd day lunch and dinner (wines not included)
  • Guided tour of the Spinning Factory at Caraglio
  • Guided tour of the Sanctuary complex at Vicoforte
  • Confectionery class
  • Activities on the 3rd day
  • City Tax
  • 2 overnight stays, standard double room, breakfast included (in an ancient mansion or 3-star Hotel in Vicoforte, Mondovì)


  • Transfers
  • Tips
  • Extra money for personal expenses and whatever not specified under “price includes”
  • Optional insurance in case of trip cancellation amounting to 6% of the total price of the trip to be requested at the time of booking.


  • Are the stages of this tour far away from the beaches of Liguria? NO
  • Does the tour take place all year round? YES
  • Can I combine the tour “Piemonte to be discovered” with the tour “A journey to the Langhe”? YES
  • Considering a price change, can I be supported by a tour leader for the entire journey? YES
  • Is it possible to send home a Castelmagno wheel? YES
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