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Top quality food and wine made in Piedmont are the main ingredients of the tour proposed by Jo-in, design to offer in-depth knowledge through activities and experiences everybody can enjoy.
Experience the local cents and tastes through unusual and original itineraries like hunting for truffles in the woods, or learning how make cheese in a small, yet wonderful valley in Piedmont. Gaze at the magnificent Langhe landscapes and taste our precious wines.


We created a format named Esperienza, made of 2-hour workshops focused on products with strong local roots, such as vermouth, chocolate or perfume. What makes them really special? At the end pf our experiences you will take home your handmade product. Living a Esperienza proposed by Jo-in means discovering and learning to recognise the excellences of the territory through a fascinating multisensory activity.

Alessandro Cesca

Somellier with a passion for wine and food, proudly linked to Piedmont and a connoisseur of the local produce.

Elisa Papa

Unusual tour leader specialized in the many secrets, historical anecdotes and curiosities of Turin.

Allegra Abbena

Driving creative force of the team and event manager, head of communication and of the “Esperienza” project.

Matteo Fornaca

The brains behind the Jo-in Project: experienced traveler, his personal touch is clearly recognizable everything we create.

Our values

We strongly believe in our values!