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The Alps surround Piedmont and Valle D’Aosta, creating the natural boundary of these two territories. Winter sports, walks, relax and breathtaking scenery: these are just some of the many opportunities to enjoy the beauty of the Alpine mountains.

The Sacra di San Michele is the symbol of Piedmont Region. The monument is an ancient abbey built between 983 and 987 on the top of mount Pirchiriano, 40 km from Turin. From it’s towers you can admire Turin and a breathtaking view of the Val di Susa. Inside the main Church of the Sacra, dating from the twelfth century, are buried members of House of Savoy.

Located on a cliff that over the centuries has marked an important natural border between the Italian peninsula and French territories, the Bard Fortress was the main garrison of Savoy.

Today, after being a military prison, the Bard Fortress is an important cultural center of Valle D’Aosta region that overlooks the medieval village at its foot and houses museums, exhibitions, craft shops.

Since its institution year in 1922, the Gran Paradiso National Park, the first in Italy, is one of the best known parks also in the world and contributes to safeguard biodiversity of one of the italian widest mountains area.

Typical food and specialities: fonduta, polenta, lardo di Arnad



Look for a quiet place, wait for the silence and stop to listen to the mountains… You will not regret!”


“If you choose to visit alps next to Turin, spend a day in Bardonecchia.. after a skiing or a walk in the nature go back to the centre..Via Medail: nose in the air and follow the scent: Ugetti’s freshly baked donuts !!! DO NOT miss them!”


“You can walk listening only the call of the hawks and the whistle of the marmots, or discover how for centuries the wild herbs have been the basis for drinks and delicious foods. The top? Alpine cheese on the top of the mountains.”


“In your trip to the Piedmontese Alps, include a stop at Carema where you will discover one of the small gems of Piedmontese and Italian viticulture: Carema is a doc wine, 100% nebbiolo, produced by few producers and in very few quantities. Let yourself be amazed by this unique mountain wine in Italy”