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Full of museums and monuments, home to international events and continuous gourmet activity, Turin has found its place among the list of the most interesting Italian destinations for both mainstream and alternative trips: it has something for everyone! Turin is the crossroad between the Langhe area, the Lake district, the Cinque Terre and, last but not least, is surrounded by the breathtaking Alps.

Did you know that Vermouth was born in Turin, in 1786, invented by Benedetto Carpano?

The typical hot drink of Torino is the Bicerin: coffee, chocolate and cream. You cannot come to Torino without tasting it in one our beautiful historical cafés.

One of the world’s last and oldest urban vineyards, The Queen’s Vineyard, belongs to Torino. Located on the hills surrounding the city, it offers a spectacular view over Torino.

When you were in Turin you can’t miss Egyptian Museum, the second most important museum in the world dedicated to Egyptian Antiquities. A journey through more than 3,000 years of Egyptian civilization, a world which is still charming Europe. Very fampus is Porta Palazzo Market, he largest open air market in Europe, and experience its unique atmosphere: from fresh farmers produce to the indoor meat and cheese market, from the flower market to liquor and chocolate shops. Last but not least

Infine ma non per importanza the symbol of Turin and the tallest building in the capital: Mole Antonelliana. The imposing structure, with its high dome, dominates the city and unmistakably defines the Turin skyline. A panoramic elevator provides access to the top, where visitors can admire the panoramic view of the city and surrounding areas. Today the Mole houses the National Museum of Cinema.



“Don’t forget to always peek in the courtyards …”


“A pleasant walk in the Parco del Valentino up to the Borgo Medievale … an aperitivo in Piazzetta IV Marzo… a dinner in one of our typical piola and then, when the center of Turin falls asleep, take a walk between Piazza Castello, Porte Palatine and Piazza Palazzo di Città, enjoy that elegant silence maybe you can hear the bicycle wheels of someone coming back home .. you’re in the middle of austere and immense royal palaces but as if by magic, with their warm lights, they welcome you and make you feel at home.”


“It’s said that the King did not love the rain, and that he therefore decided to build miles of arcades so as not to get wet: you too can experience the real atmosphere of the city, giving yourself a Vermouth-based aperitif after a long walk.”


“Get up early and after a walk through the streets of the center, cross the Po and go up to the Monte dei Cappuccini. A photo from the panoramic terrace is worth the journey! ”You can admire the whole city and the snow-covered Alps in the background”