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Amaro Experience


Experience Amaro is a multisensory laboratory to discover herbs and spices, alcoholic bases and aromatic notes. But above all of the tradition of Italian bitterness, a living tradition that is handed down from generation to generation. You can experiment with pipettes and droppers in search of the perfect formula to take home and who knows maybe one day … pass it on to your grandchildren!

From ancient Greece to the Italian table of today, an alchemic and curious itinerary to discover the origins of bitterness. Who are the Foliars? And why is Italian production so vast and varied compared to other European traditions that still boast a great past on herbal medicine and distillation?

12 aromatic plants, 3 bitters of tradition 4 bases for bitter: Mediterranean, Abbatial, Oriental or Alpine School. Which of these will be the basic ingredient of your bitterness? Each participant tastes and chooses the ingredients he prefers to create his own secret recipe.