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MULTI DAYS TOUR | Tasting Piedmont: chocolate and wine exclusive experience!

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    All about the MULTI DAYS TOUR | Tasting Piedmont: chocolate and wine exclusive experience!.

    Are you a seasoned world-traveler looking for a unique, luxurious, multi- sensory journey in Northwest Italy like no other? Get ready to venture into the historic rich culture of the Piemonte region in this exclusive 10-day tour, focused on two of the tastiest ingredients of Piemonte: chocolate and wine, of course! Explore the royal city of Torino (Turin), on the banks of the River Po, with its baroque architecture, palaces, and grand piazzas. Visit the Queen’s Vineyard, one of world’s oldest urban vineyards with its spectacular views. Dive into its delectable chocolate traditions dating back to 1560. Tour several local chocolate factories and make your own chocolate and vermouth to take home in our exclusive workshops. You will also be amazed by how wonderfully chocolate marries with wine and vermouth in our guided pairings given by an expert chocolate sommelier. In the Langhe countryside, you will delight in the harvest season landscape of the rolling hills studded with medieval small villages, renowned vineyards and pastures of hazelnut groves. Here, you will taste the finest DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) wines Italy produces including most famously, Barolo — King of Wines. Discover these distinct wines with their wine producers who will enchant you with the beauty of their cellars and vineyards. The pinnacle of this adventure will be hunting for the rare white truffle in the autumn woods outside of Alba. Sniffing out these jewels of the earth, you will arrive at bliss with their unforgettable taste sensation. This epic journey continues to northern Piemonte, at the foothills of the Swiss Alps, into the Lakes district with boat excursions to two tiny islands within the famous Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta. Each offer unique landscapes, where the tranquility of the lakes reflect the majestic Alpine peaks. Experience a surreal quiet atmosphere of the scenic Benedictine monastery on Isola di San Giulio on Lake Orta, and on Fisherman’s Island, enjoy delicious fresh fish of the lake caught by fishermen as their ancestors had for centuries. Throughout this once-in-a-lifetime privately guided experience limited to only 12-guests, you will have plenty of free time to shop and stroll through the picturesque city and villages. Stay at exclusively selected elegant and stylish luxury hotels. Delight in the classic Piemonte cuisine, the birthplace of the Slow-Food movement. Your culinary dining will demonstrate the local seasonal indulgences, including a chocolate-based menu. Of course, as well the local gastronomic pleasures, you will certainly enjoy the wines of the region.

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    1. Day 1 Welcome to Torino

      Arrive in Milan or Turin and transfer to the hotel. A welcome dinner awaits you in a centre-located restaurant, mentioned in “Osterie D’Italia 2018” by Slow Food Editore, and experience your first taste of our local wines.

    2. Day 2 Turin Tour & Vermouth Experience

      After breakfast meet your guide for a 3-hour guided walking tour of Turin city center. The Royal Palace, Piazza Castello, Piazza San Carlo, the Mole Antonelliana and a stop in historic cafés for chocolate and Bicerin. During the evening you will take part in the Vermouth Experience®: Did you know that vermouth was originally created in Torino in 1786, and since then it has been essential in many cocktails and aperitivi? In this workshop you will make your own and take home!

    3. Day 3 Queen’s Vineyard & Domori

      After breakfast visit to Villa della Regina, a former royal residence located on the hilltop surrounding Turin. Take a walk in the Queen’s Vineyards, one of the world’s last and oldest urban vineyards. After lunch in the historic center, we visit the Domori chocolate factory, where you will see the artisanal chocolate-making process and taste their handcrafted chocolates.

    4. Day 4 Gobino & Giandujotto Experience

      During the morning you will visit another famous Piedmontese chocolate factory, Guido Gobino, for a guided tour of the traditional production method of the famous giandujotto. In the evening you will take part in the Giandujotto Experience, a unique workshop where you will become master chocolate makers of your own giandujotto.

    5. Day 5 Langhe Region

      Free time in Turin and check-out. Transfer to the Langhe area, check-in at the new hotel and time to relax in the beautiful Langhe countryside. 

      Dine that evening in the Barolo and Barbaresco wine producing region.

    6. Day 6 Barbera tasting & hazelnut

      After breakfast you will taste traditional Barbera wine and discover its ancient origins during a guided visit to a Barbera winery. During the afternoon, visit to a hazelnut producer. 

      Here you will walk through the hazelnut groves, learn about and taste the Piedmont hazelnut (the renowned tonda e gentile delle Langhe): 

      Did you know that hazelnut is the main ingredient of a lot of typical chocolate delicacies?

    7. Day 7 Truffle hunt & Barolo tasting

      You will become truffle hunters, just for one day! An adventure in the woods, following the trail of white truffles lead by a real “Truffle Hunter” and his faithful dog. The truffle hunting experience is essential to understanding the unbreakable bond between the local area, the truffles and those who carry out this valuable work. Truffle-based lunch will follow. In the afternoon, we visit a Barolo wine producer and experience one of the world’s best wines made from the Nebbiolo grape, grown near the town of Alba. A special dinner focused on chocolate will end this delightful evening.

    8. Day 8 Alba & Lake Region

      After breakfast we travel to the medieval town of Alba, where you will have time to explore and shop, then on to the last stop, the Lake region in Northern Piedmont.

    9. Day 9 Fishermen’s Island

      Excursion to the Fisherman’s island (Isola dei Pescatori), in the middle of 

      Lake Maggiore, and enjoy a lunch based on the local lake fishes. 

      In the evening, tasting of some Ghemme DOCG or Gattinara DOCG wines, two regional wine varieties

    10. Day 10 Lake d’Orta & Lake Maggiore

      In the morning we visit the town of Orta San Giulio, on the shore of Lago d’Orta. Then a short boat trip to enjoy the beauty of the Isola di San Giulio, where the scenic Benedictine monastery stands majestically on its own island. 

      In the afternoon enjoy your free time at Lake Maggiore. 

      Your magical journey ends with a farewell dinner with all your new travel friends.

    11. Day 11 Time to say goodbye!
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    Top quality food and wine made in Piedmont are the main ingredients of the tours proposed by Jo-In, designed to offer in-depth knowledge through activities and experiences everybody can enjoy. Taking part in one of the many Jo-In activities means to establish a direct link with the people met during the journey, their stories, and the heart of the places visited. Experience the local scents and tastes through unusual and original itineraries like hunting for truffles in the woods, or learning how to make cheese in a small, yet wonderful valley in Piedmont. Gaze at the magnificent Langhe landscapes and taste our precious wines. We organize trips which can last a few days or several weeks and are typically aimed at individuals or small groups, but we can also provide single activities; the itineraries cover some of the most intriguing areas of Piedmont and overnight stays are usually planned in unconventional venues. Everything can be changed and adjusted to suit your needs, everything but the originality and the quality of the activities offered.

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