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Saperebere Lab Experience


New experiential format by Fulvio Piccinino dedicated to vermouth, gin and bitter to explore the secrets of the three products in a single laboratory. Experience Saperebere Lab is a historical narrative and in-depth study of the characteristics of the products, tasting and self-production laboratory.

Date: Monday 18th November

Morning: classroom program
The main herbs and spices used will be present on each laboratory table available to all participants to discover the raw materials of vermouth, gin and bitters, their processing and disinfection. Many spices will instead be “whole” to be able to appreciate, as in the case of the Gentian or the Aloe Ferox, their aromatic complexity.

Herbs and spices are also presented in the form of infusions, tinctures and distillates for the creation and persolization of their own recipes.

Each participant, in his position, will have at his disposal a quarter liter of wine to produce, 100ml of pure juniper distillate and amaro/bitter bases for the production of vermouth, gin and bitter. Through this practical part you will learn the use and the dosage of spices and herbs enriching your own professional background.
At the end of the production a participation certificate will be delivered which will demonstrate the productive ability of the participants, together with the bottle produced. Gin Vermouth and bitter will have a souvenir label of the event with the space for the signature of its creator.

Between the theoretical part and the operational part, different products will be tasted to have an important indication of the tastes and styles of the different vermouth, gin and bitters.

Afternoon: external program
Visit to Martin Bauer: at 4 pm the seminar concludes with a visit from one of the main world companies for the production of infusions and tinctures for liqueur.

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