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The lakes in Piedmont: Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta - relaxation and romance

The atmosphere that reigns around Lake Maggiore, Lake Orta and the villages perched on the mountains that surround them is difficult to reproduce elsewhere. By allowing you to savor the romanticism that embellishes the shores of these lakes, we will let you know the most curious realities and the less known foreshortenings, the gastronomy of a singular territory that combines mountain flavors with the quality of freshwater catch.

Typical dishes and specialties

  • Grilled lake fish, in foil, fried, stewed and baked .. also excellent with rice and plum filling!
  • Paniscia, a tasty and nutritious dish with rice seasoned with bacon, onion, salame della duja and cooked in a broth prepared, according to the season, with beans, carrots, celery, leeks, cabbage and tomatoes. The name "paniscia" derives from the fact that panìco was used instead of rice, a cereal of low quality similar to millet.
  • Intresine of Verbania, butter biscuits sprinkled with almonds and hazelnuts

Lakes to drink

  • happy red wines like Ghemme Docg and Nebbiolo from the Novara hills; while on the shores of the lake it is possible to delight one's palate with the wines of Angera, which are called "Ronchi Varesini", both white, red and rosé products.

Top Attractions
The Borromean Islands
Island of San Giulio
The Lake of Mergozzo

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