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Piedmont’s Capital City: Torino

An emerging Italian destination of culture and cuisine

Full of museums and monuments, home to international events and continuous gourmet activity, Turin has found its place among the list of the most interesting Italian destinations for both mainstream and alternative trips: it has something for everyone! Turin is the crossroad between the Langhe area, the Lake district, the Cinque Terre and, last but not least, is surrounded by the breathtaking Alps.

Typical food and specialities

The Giandujotto (typical Piedmontese chocolate with a hazelnut base)
Anchovies “al verde” (a sauce made with parsley, oil and garlic)
Bagna Caoda (a local Piedmontese dip of oil, garlic and salted anchovies)

Torino “to drink”

Did you know that Vermouth was born in Turin, in 1786, invented by Benedetto Carpano?

The typical hot drink of Torino is the Bicerin: coffee, chocolate and cream. You cannot come to Torino without tasting it in one our beautiful historical cafés.

One of the world's last and oldest urban vineyards, The Queen’s Vineyard, belongs to Torino. Located on the hills surrounding the city, it offers a spectacular view over Torino.

Top Attractions

Egyptian Museum: visit the second most important museum in the world dedicated to Egyptian Antiquities. A journey through more than 3,000 years of Egyptian civilization, a world which is still charming Europe.

Porta Palazzo Market: visit Porta Palazzo, the largest open air market in Europe, and experience its unique atmosphere: from fresh farmers produce to the indoor meat and cheese market, from the flower market to liquor and chocolate shops.

Torino Royal Palace: visit the elegant apartments hidden behind the simple facade of the UNESCO listed Royal Palace. A trip back in time in the life of the King of Italy.

Mole Antonelliana

The imposing structure, with its high dome, dominates the city and unmistakably defines the Turin skyline. A panoramic elevator provides access to the top, where visitors can admire the panoramic view of the city and surrounding areas. Today the Mole houses the National Museum of Cinema.

Elisa says: “non dimenticarsi di sbirciare sempre nei cortili…”

Allegra says:

Teo says:

Alessandro says: “alzati presto e dopo una passeggiata tra le vie del centro, attraversa il Po e sali al Monte dei Cappuccini. Una foto dalla terrazza panoramica vale il cammino!” Potrai ammirare tutta la città e le Alpi innevate sullo sfondo

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